Rolling Out Mobile Ordering for Your B2B Customers

Modern B2B eCommerce mirrors the strengths of B2C online commerce, including 24/7 availability and seamless, multi-device access. While it’s becoming table-stakes for manufacturers & distributors to provide online ordering on the web, many are falling short when it comes to providing a strong mobile ordering experience for their customers.

Suppliers that have responded to B2B buyers’ demands for mobile ordering access, on the other hand, are increasing revenue growth, customer retention, and competitive differentiation. One such supplier is Pet Food Experts, a leading pet food distributor who rolled out Handshake Direct Mobile, their B2B mobile ordering application, to their customers this past year. As a result of their well-crafted launch strategy, 10% of their overall revenue is now coming through their mobile ordering channel, and they have won business from competitors.

In this engaging live interview discussion, Alex Silva de Balboa, Senior Strategy & Technology Consultant at Pet Food Experts, will be sharing the strategic drivers behind their decision to roll out this technology and the specific tactical steps they employed to drive mass adoption during the rollout.

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